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Home Learning

Home Learning really does matter!

Learning at home is a hugely important part of education. Children are motivated when they have support from their close relatives and they enjoy sharing learning experiences, given the right conditions. Home learning will be more successful if children have somewhere to work quietly, away from distractions. They need an adult close by, or even better, alongside them to discuss things with or ask questions from. Try to pick a time of day where they won't be too tired, hungry or distracted.

We want children to read to an adult everyday if at all possible but if this is difficult, aim for at least three times per week. Fill out the reading record so we know how your child is progressing. We will do the same at school.

Children knowing their times tables off by heart is absolutely invaluable. If they have these to draw on, then the rest of the maths curriculum is so much easier to access. Try to practise these at least three times per week. We are keen to reward children's success when they have mastered another 'table' and if they get all the way to their 12 times table, we can really celebrate! Start with: 2s, 5s and 10s and progress from there.

In addition to reading and tables, teachers will set home learning tasks each week. These are designed to reinforce learning which has taken place in class and offer you an opportunity to learning with your child.

Children with Autism and support at Home

Freemantles have been working on ways to support parents who have a child with autism at home. Visit this link for more information: https://www.freeoutreach.org.uk/Resources-for-working-from-home/. Freemantles have also put together a guide for parents which is attached at the bottom of this page

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