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The starting point for our provision at Darley Dene is always the child.  We believe primary school plays an essential part in a child's future success and are committed to working in partnership with families to make this aspiration a reality. 

As a multi-academy trust, we are free to make decisions about the curriculum our children follow. We have decided our children will follow the National Curriculum alongside their peers in all other English schools. We have also made the decision to continue to participate in all the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs).

Our curriculum is designed around high quality books that promote a love of reading. We have found that children’s enjoyment of the curriculum and their ability to see connections between different subject areas has increased as a result of bringing things together through the shared joy of a brilliant book. Children in our younger years may have two or three reading books each half term whereas the older children in school may share just one book each half term. Topics that are related to these books will be taught at the same time wherever it is meaningful and practical to do so. Where direct links are not possible, subjects stand alone which enables children to develop an understanding of the individual rigour and discipline of areas such as history, geography and art.  

Class curriculum overviews are shared with families to give additional detail about the topics each class is coving and when. We are fortunate to have specialist teachers for PE and dance. Our Personal Health & Social Education, (PSHE) is taught through a recognised scheme called 'Jigsaw.' Darley Dene fully supports the teaching of PSHE and Relationships & Sex Education (RSE). Our RSE policy is available on request. Phonics is taught systematically from Early Years onwards using the Little Wandle Phonics Scheme.

Children are taught in mixed ability classes throughout the school. They progress through the classes according to age except in very exceptional instances where the individual needs of the child make an alternative programme necessary.

Darley Dene Primary School