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Darley Dene Dynamos

This year, we launched something very exciting here at Darley Dene - Dynamos!

The Darley Dene ‘Dynamos’ are made up of a group of children from across our school, who are the voice of the children within our community. Each year, children have the opportunity to apply to become a Dynamo and use their voice to contribute to daily life at Darley Dene.

Within school, the Dynamos have many roles including:

  • assembly monitors
  • playground pals
  • sports leaders
  • librarians
  • organising events
  • and most importantly, feeding back the opinions of their peers. 

The Dynamos attend regular meetings, where they discuss important topics and plan upcoming events. The Dynamos have a special bag which they use in their different roles, which means the Dynamos can always be seen to help support other children around school.

Within the first few meetings, the Dynamos collaboratively discussed having house teams here at Darley Dene. The children came up with some amazing names and within a few weeks we shared these house teams with the wider  school - Meteor, Supernova and Comet. 

Each child is part of a house and they are becoming part of everyday life here at Darley Dene. Miss Legg and Mrs. Devonport worked with the Dynamos to think about how the children can earn house points and how a house becomes the winning team.

Each term, the children work towards earning house points. Children have the opportunity to receive house points when they get a gold leaf or enter a house competition. The children are always eager to see the running total of house points at the end of every week in our celebration assembly

At the end of the term, one house is deemed the winner based on the house point total. The winning house receives the Darley Dene House Cup, which is displayed at the front of the school with the relevant house colours. Children and staff in the winning house are treated to a house colour themed day and a house party.

Next,  we  are excited to extend these roles out into our school community by having parent and carer Dynamos becoming the voice of the families within our community

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